KBBQ and Korean-fusion cuisine.

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Food is a natural extension of Joseph Choi’s identity. “As a second-generation Korean American in Chicago, I grew up eating a fusion of multiple cultures,” he explains. Trained as a pastor, Joe’s vision for the popular Bulkogi food truck was to be a blessing to the community around him.

“We have always trained our employees to make sure everyone that visits the truck is treated as the most important person of the day,” he says, an experience they plan to extend to the Korean BBQ spot’s permanent space at Boxyard RTP. “Having a shipping container restaurant can help us provide a unique experience,” Joseph explains.

“Because we normally work out of a food truck, there are a lot of limitations of what we can do. Boxyard will allow us to expand our creativity.” He and his team plan to include a “create your own Korean BBQ bowl” concept, empowering visitors to try something new each time they visit (though we always recommend adding a fried egg on top).

I love hearing people's stories and connecting them through the stories of their lives. I think food plays huge part of everyone's story. Of course I think we serve delicious Korean BBQ but I am more excited that I get to share "my version" of Korean BBQ. My story. I get to share my story of growing up as a second generation Korean-American and what I grew up eating and fusion of multiple cultures (Korean, American, Chicagoan, etc.) that I grew up with.
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