Gabe Eng-Goetz

Local artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz has been selected for our Outdoor Mural Project.

Durham is known for many things; creativity, history, collaboration. Gabe, a Durhamite himself, is continuing that legacy through a breathtaking mural that invites all who meet at Boxyard RTP to write their own chapter in our story.

If you haven't heard of Gabe, you've probably seen some of his work. Founder of lifestyle brand RUNAWAY®, Gabe's art can be found all over the city through fashion, visual art, sports, music, docuseries and more. His most notable work? DURM™, the city's unofficial-official stamp, championed by locals and transplants alike.

Estephani Sanchez-Recendiz

Gabe will be assisted by apprentice Estephani Sanchez-Recendiz, made possible through a partnership with the Nasher Museum of Art Teen Council.

This partnership with The Nasher allows Gabe to provide apprentice work, living wage opportunities, and knowledge to young people pursuing creative careers and interested in learning the art of murals.