Rebirth by Gabriel Eng-Goetz \\ Music by Elijah Fox Peck \\ Produced by Press Record Media

Durham resident, Gabriel Eng-Goetz, created a breathtaking mural to represent the vitality and innovation that exists within RTP. His initial inspiration was based in his own family's history in North Carolina, which you may learn more about at the video link, above.

We invite our Boxyard RTP guests to consider how their journey relates to Eng-Goetz's celebration of the Triangle's multi-cultural and entrepreneurial community and how they may contribute to our shared future.

Gabriel Eng-Goetz is the founder of Durham-based lifestyle brand RUNAWAY®. His art can be found all over the city in the form of fashion, visual art, sports, music, docuseries and more. His most notable work is DURM™, the city's unofficial stamp, championed by long-term and transplanted residents alike.

Estephani Sanchez-Recendiz

Eng-Goetz was assisted by apprentice Estephani Sanchez-Recendiz, made possible through a partnership with the Nasher Museum of Art Teen Council.

This partnership with The Nasher allows Eng-Goetz to provide apprentice work, living wage opportunities and knowledge to young people pursuing creative careers and interested in learning the art of murals.