Sep 27 2023
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Did you know the Triangle is home to some amazing board game designers? Join us on the last Wednesday of every month to meet a game designer and help them test their new game. Other board games will be out for regular play.

If the 4th Wednesday falls near a holiday, please check the calendar for updates.

Tonight’s Featured Designer: Christopher Troise
Tonight’s Featured Game:
Raging River!

You and your team members see a huge raging river and you need to get across to safety. The river is dangerous, full of deep water and huge waves. One false move could cost you the game.  Your goal is for all of you to cross the raging river as a team. If one of you drowns, everyone loses Players: 1-5. Game Length: 15-90 mins. More players increase game length. Harder game difficulties increase game length. Team-base game. Work together.

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Covid Precautions:

– Boxyard RTP is an open-air facility that will be following all Covid-19 regulations put in place by Durham County.
– In addition to regular cleanings, complimentary hand sanitizer and wipe stations are provided throughout our facility.

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