Mar 23 2022
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Did you know the Triangle is home to some amazing board game designers? Join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month to meet a game designer and help them test their new game. Other board games will be out for regular play.

If the 4th Wednesday falls near a holiday, please check the calendar for updates.

Tonight’s Featured Designer: Matt Wolfe
Tonight’s Featured Game: Queensland

The toads are everywhere! You introduced South American cane toads to the Queensland province in Northeast Australia in the hopes they would eat cane beetles that attack sugarcane. Instead the toads reproduced uncontrollably and now threaten the ecosystem. Work to expand your farm while at the same time moving toads so your sugarcane and wheat fields can grow undisturbed. This is all based on real-world events!

In Queensland, you play a farmer in Australia trying to improve your farm while also removing as many toads from your farm as possible. You add tiles to your farm to create fields of sugarcane and wheat while at the same time directing toads where you want them to go (and hopefully remove them). The player who best creates large fields while not having too many toads will win!

Covid Precautions:

– Boxyard RTP is an open-air facility that will be following all Covid-19 regulations put in place by Durham County.
– In addition to regular cleanings, complimentary hand sanitizer and wipe stations are provided throughout our facility.

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