Oct 27 2021
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Did you know the Triangle is home to some amazing board game designers? Join us on the 4th Wednesday of every month to meet a game designer and help them test their new game. Other board games will be out for regular play.

If the 4th Wednesday falls near a holiday, please check the calendar for updates.

Tonight’s Featured Designer: Omari Akil

omari akil

Omari Akil is a tabletop game designer, gaming content creator, and co-founder of Colorway Game Labs—a publishing company focused on developing inclusive games that celebrate Black Culture and Black History. Omari has a variety of published and soon-to-be-published games including Rap Godz, Oh My Gourds!, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: Summertime, Super Overtime (TTRPG), Hoop Godz, and Critical Care.

Tonight’s Featured Game: Critical Care

Critical Care: The Game lets you bring all of the intensity and teamwork of the ICU to life on your kitchen table. Designed by an ICU doctor, the Critical Care is based in real medicine but accessible for a broad audience.


  • Cooperative gameplay for 1-4 players taking on the role of ICU doctors; discharge all of your patients to win, but beware the threat of a Code Blue that can end the game for everyone!
  • No medical knowledge required- but each of over 250 unique cards has a plain-English description of real ICU medicine
  • Select from 8 unique patients and 25 ICU Diagnoses such as Sepsis; patients are at risk for 50 unique Complications, allowing for endless replay value as the game builds on these combinations
  • Heal patients and recover with over 100 unique Therapy cards, everything from potent medications to invasive procedures
  • Bring in additional expertise with over 20 unique Specialists like the Cardiologist or Pharmacist to turn the tide in your favor
  • Watch out – your pager goes off every turn. A 2am consult from the Emergency Room can throw off your best plans!

Critical Care Kickstarter:

Covid Precautions:

– Boxyard RTP is an open-air facility that will be following all Covid-19 regulations put in place by Durham County.
– In addition to regular cleanings, complimentary hand sanitizer and wipe stations are provided throughout our facility.

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