Medicine Mama’s Farmacy

This CBD vendor sources their products sustainably from North Carolina farmers.

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Stephanie Terry, AKA The Medicine Mama, is educating the RTP community about the benefits of CBD products.

“Our staff is very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing what they know,” says Stephanie. She began making her own CBD edibles to help treat her fibromyalgia, and quickly expanded to topical balms, too. “I am not willing to put a product out that I don’t believe in 100%,” she says, a critical component of her business.

Stephanie and her team have curated a unique experience for RTP’s community, and look forward to planning events with their Boxyard RTP neighbors. “We see the new storefront as an opportunity to build a community, rather than just another shopping center.” Their wide range of wellness products means lots of possibilities for exclusive collabs, and we can’t wait to see what they dream up next.

"Sustainable development and the availability to be at the forefront of an amazing new development that gives a platform to educate a new clientele about cannabis."
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