Various tacos on plates sides like guacamole and chips and salsas.


Mexican taqueria featuring fresh and sophisticated flavors.

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If you know Carrburritos, you know the experience is a delight for all five senses, and their Boxyard RTP space will be no different.

In fact, owner Rae Mosher says that’s what made this the ideal expansion for the California-Mexican restaurant. “Carrburritos has a kind of funky, hip vibe that wouldn’t quite fit into your typical suburban development,” says Rae. “Boxyard RTP has an artistic bent, and is invested in making a truly interesting place.”

From colorful flavors to artistic flair, will be every bit as delicious as their Davidson and Carrboro locations. But Rae is most excited to bring their food to another part of the Triangle, and bring their burritos to a new crowd. “We have made life long friends through the restaurant and the sense of community brings us joy.”

"Hometown people who are passionate about investing in our communities and helping to shape the environment and society in which we live."
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